Help With MoneyStew


Money Stew is an application that allows you to enter your repeating bills, paychecks and budgets and it will calculate your predicted account balance. For example, you might have a car and rent payment that would occur on the same dates every month and you get paid every two weeks. You can add these items to money stew, and you can see your future account balance and make sure that you can pay rent next month!


How do I add new items?

Click on the “+” button in the upper right to create a new transaction.

How do I add multiple accounts

Click on “Accounts” in the upper left corner and then on “Add Account” to open the new account form

Does Can I add individual transactions?

While you can add transactions that do not repeat. The goal of Money Stew is to help you understand when and where your budgeted money is getting spent. This includes transactions such as “rent” and budgets like “food” that are reoccuring and are money that you regularly expect to spend. One of the most important tasks that Money Stew is trying to solve is to make sure that your budget does not outgrow your income.