Money Stew is a simple financial planning web app that requires minimal time to setup and can help you organize your bills and spending. The goal of money stew is to allow you to always have an idea what your next bills are and how much money you will have.

Money Stew is:

  • A personal budget tool
  • A financial planning tool
  • A financial calendar

Money Stew is NOT:

  • An financial reporting tool (like
  • A checkbook register (like Quicken ¬†)
  • A Tax Reporting Tool

The ultimate goal of money stew is to help you paint a picture of your financial picture. It is not about capturing the photo, just the essence.

Why Create Money Stew?

I created MoneyStew to allow me to make sure that I knew, without a doubt how much money I could remove from my checking account and still be able to pay my bills. This let me see all the bills that where due before I got paid again and allowed me to be a lot more confident in my spending. Not only did I want to keep track of my spending in the near future, I wanted to keep track of my planned spending over time and make sure that I was not spending more money than I was making!

Why Should I Use Money Stew?


Because you want to know how you are spending your money. Think about this familiar scenario: You have all your bills setup in bill pay and you know you owe some money one your credit card, your credit card bill is due – how much should you pay, how much can you afford to pay this month? Money stew helps answer that question in just a few minutes.